Our Impact

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About Us

In reality, we are just a couple of guys who have a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. We realized early on that we could not, on our own:
- provide clean water for all the villages that need it,
- provide food for every hungry child around the world,
- create safe and sterile environments for every medical need,
- care for all the oppressed, trafficked, or underprivileged people, nor
- help with any number of problems domestically or around the world.

So... what could we do? Our experience in software and working with large organizations led us to try and make it easy for others to serve in ways we could not. We thought: if we could equip thousands of people to live out their passions while saving your organization 70+ hours per trip, each organization might consider increasing the number of trips it offers. In doing so year over year, the ripples could be felt throughout the world and the impact of this site could grow far beyond our wildest dreams.

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